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    We partner with Institutes willing to upgrade their existing curriculum by incorporating the elements of Six Sigma and Business Analytics

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    Why Six Sigma & Analytics programs?

    Be an Achiever

    While Six Sigma is amongst one of the top skills which has been in demand for over three decades now, With the increase in digital trace Analytics is the hottest skill of the millennium. Proper credentials in these areas enable you and your organization to grab better opportunities compared to the competitors. 

    Our highly qualified faculty with 15+ years of industry experience, having worked with some top notch companies will handhold you as you take your first step.

    Increase your employability

    Nearly 75% of the Fortune 500 companies across the globe have implemented Six Sigma and reported its benefits. You can pick top brands in any sector from FMCG to BFSI, Telcom to IT, Healthcare or more, you will realize that they all appoint Six Sigma Professionals.

    Analytics has brought companies much closer to their customers than ever. Knowledge of advanced machine learning and AI techniques will take your game to the next level.

    Within your reach

    Six Sigma and Analytics have been exclusive trainings which are either available only at some top conglomerates or there are very limited public programs conducted by some consulting firms but there is a clear gap when it comes to the quality of delivery.

    With our unique programs you can build your capability in the areas of Six Sigma and Analytics with best hands-on experience through classroom learning. Also, in most cases since our programs are scheduled over weekends, you don't need to seek too many leaves from work.

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