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Certificate Program in data analytics & Machine Learning

Course Outline

This course is meant for participants who are new to the field of data analytics, and are interested in taking up a program that can help them shape their career into the exciting world of data science. Course is taught right from the scratch and as you take your initial steps, we completely handhold you in the classroom environment. This structured course gives you the sound foundation and ability to work with complex data-sets using some of the most advanced techniques. Proper emphasis is given on practice and revision at all stages throughout the course.

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  • Statistics Refresher 
  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Types of Analytics, its importance & applications across industries
  • Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining

Practice the tools

  • R hands-on from scratch
  • Data clean-up and preparation
  • Data visualization

Master the techniques

All popular Predictive Modeling techniques stated below are covered using detailed case studies on each topic with proper hands-on practice in R:

  • Linear Regression 
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees (CART) 
  • Random Forest
  • Neural Networks 
  • Clustering
  • PCA
  • Text Analytics

Quick Facts

  • Course Duration - 4 months (64 hours comprehensive learning from scratch)
  • Mode - Live online (40 hours) + Self paced content and practice (24 hours)
  • Eligibility - Graduates in Science, Commerce, Engineering, Management & Research Scholars
  • Course Fee - INR 24,999 or USD 399, all inclusive.



What can I expect to learn in this course?

The course begins by providing a refresher on the basic statistical concepts. Introduces the participants to R (one of the best tools used for Data Analytics). You develop proper understanding of Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling techniques. Each concept is thoroughly practiced in the classroom with the help of case studies to help you gain hands on experience starting day one. 

I don’t have coding knowledge/did it long back, can I still learn Data Analytics?

This is a common question and a big myth - Let's understand, Data Analytics more than anything else is about developing a thought process to be able to deal with the data in the smartest way. Just as you don't need to be an automotive engineer before you learn driving, you don't have to be a coder in order to learn Data Analytics. Having said that, we help you at every step in learning the necessary application of tools to be able to leverage upon the appropriate techniques.

What all languages/tools will be covered in this program?

We use R and R Studio in this program, we cover these from scratch. Please note, it is recommended that you pick one language at a time. We have often seen people wanting to learn R , Python and SAS all at the same time, but it leaves them really confused. Instead, we pick one language and cover all popular machine learning techniques using it, which makes it easy for you to get a solid grip of the subject.

How is this course different from other courses?

Market is flooded with short and long term courses, most of which are completely self paced. The self paced courses often fail to maintain the real essence of learning and get monotonous due to lack of spontaneity. The long term courses on the other hand are too heavy on the pocket and don't essentially deliver the value in terms of return on investment. 

This course  is the most well structured and genuinely priced which saves you both time and money, without compromising on the quality of learning. 

Will I be able to switch to a career in Data Analytics after this course?

The body of knowledge covered in this course is essential and in certain cases more than sufficient to be able to apply for jobs that demands business applications of analytics. However, just as it is the case with any newly learnt skill, Data Analytics also demands practice. If you are willing to put sincere efforts, these are currently the most in-demand and highest paid job roles. Normally, a switch takes anywhere between 0 to 6 months but it may vary depending on the experience and proficiency level. We will be conducting sessions covering some of the best practices that might be helpful for you in building your profile for suitable job opportunities.

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